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How I learned about sex

First TimeVoyeurTaboo

Summer was over and I went back home. That is where I learned about sex. and how people fuck just for the fun of it, man that was mind blowing, lol So one weekend in November my oldest sister came home from college. My parents used the opportunity to go visit a sick relative since Jackie would be home to watch over me. Well I thought it was going to be an awesome time with her, but she had other plans. She called up her boyfriend to come over and I got bored. The first night I heard strange sound coming from her bedroom. like she was hurt or in pain. So I go to her door and try to open it but… Read more

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Make me a COCKWHORE and expose my wife

HardcoreGay Male

I love posting my wife's slut pics online behind her back. I get horny knowing that strangers are jerking off to her, but I know she must remain totally unaware, so naturally I take the pics down, whenever I cum. But sometimes they get saved by others, and that's where trouble begins! I have to beg hard exposing bulls to take down her pics when I find them, and they don't always take kindly to that. And over the years I have given up enough information, that someone could actually track me down in real life. MY FANTASY ...… Read more

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Evening that ends in the garage

FetishMatureGay Male

Real history. Me, 56 years old. It was in February, an evening with friends who all work in a large commercial building. What a business incubator. We all had to dress in an outrageous, colorful and fun way. I went there without asking too many questions and without a second thought. No clothes to put on me that could be fun for the occasion, but calling a friend, I explain to her and she asks me to pass because she will probably lend me some clothes (we have the same size). We have a drink together and she tells me to go look in the bedroom, she pulled out a couple of things. There are thing… Read more

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Kim Kim Kardashian Gangbanged by 4 BBC


Kim come on over baby I have a surprise planed for you tonight.' "Oh Ray J 'what's my surprise?" "You will see now get that big fat ass of yours over here Princess. I want you to wear the outfit I bought for you tonight." Ray J had recently purchased Kimberly a special outfit a leather fetish costume to celebrate her recent birthday. The leather outfit was hot! It was a leather bustier that squeezed her big boobs together and the bottom part was just a little thong that covered her big Ass. Ray J had planed all week his latest surprise for Princess Kimberly. They had been dating for almost… Read more

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Her Legs Spread Like Butter

AnalFirst Time

Cindy was gorgeous and so eager to get laid! And I was just the guy to do it. Today I met a gorgeous girl at the gym. Her name was Cindy and she was blonde, had blue bedroom eyes, and had lips that begged to be kissed. We were sitting together waiting for two treadmills to open. “Hi! I’m Bill. I come here three times a week and I’ve never seen you.” “I’m Cindy. I just moved here with my husband. He works long hours, so I’m going to try to get into shape and kill some time in the process.” She sounded depresse… Read more

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anal accident

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

My ex and I had done anal once before so it was quite the learning curve. Our first time was fun, but is another story. She enjoyed bareback, but we used rhythm method because she refused get birth control. She also loved risky - I'm surprised and lucky I'm not a parent. Anal was a compromise for when she was fertile. Our first time wasn't the best because we had little lube, and not the right kind. day I went the adult store and bought some proper lube. The following days, later her family was gone (we lived with her family, but not in the room) and it was just me and ex home. We finished d… Read more

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Down the rabbit hole

First TimeGay Male

Floating down the Rabbits hole Waking up early with a with a hard on was quite normal for me. What was changing for me were the things that first popped into my mind as the sleepy haze faded. The last thought that had to be on my mind before I awoke. For me it has always been a beautiful naked blonde girl sometimes someone I knew or a stranger I didn’t.... but these days it wasn’t a person per say it was a body part that was the center of my attention. At first I thought it was my hard cock that filled my thoughts so early in the morning & it was only happening once or twice a week so it… Read more

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Group SexGay MaleHardcore

As I sit here typing with no clothes on, the fan feels great cooling me down after my shower. A few minutes ago I was drenched in sweat. I didn't realize that having fun could be so tiring. Or messy! Let me tell you all about it. While making lunch I heard someone at the door. I was fully dressed so I went to answer it. I saw two people I had not seen in months! I had met them on a CL ad for a guy to join them for sex. We had a really great time for about six months but then they decided to confine their sexual activities to themselves and I had not heard nor seen them since then. But here t… Read more

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Sleeping Aid

TabooFirst TimeHardcore

Sleeping Aid By: Londebaaz Chohan The fucking burden of marriage. Only if Mikhail had thought before. He was 26, young, handsome, sexy and damn horny with the healthy and strong equipment for sex with girls. Pussy was available left and right but something went wrong in his mind and he decided to choose for the only one cunt to fuck for the rest of his life and tied the marriage knot with Rosetta. Then the consequences started unfolding one by one and it only took 2 years and he was divorced. There was plenty of bitterness, the attorneys, alimony and much more. The only thing good t… Read more

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Sneaky creampie

FetishHardcoreInterracial Sex

My ex girlfriend had an L shaped couch and ottoman. My ex was also a fan of the rhythm method, so keep that in mind. Before watching a movie with my ex, her sister and sister's bf we moved the couch pillows on the couch make it more comfy. We inadvertently made a pillow wall that neither party could see though. We saw an opening, so my ex grabbed a blanket and d****d it over us. I don't even remember how we decided, but we did. It might have been because as we prepared to watch the movie I was caressing and her big breasts and rubbing her nipples. She gently rubbed against my pajamas, knowin… Read more

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The Gushing BBW: Part 2


I was completely fascinated with my new BBW lovers body. The fact that she squirted seemed to dial up my sex drive even more. I excitedly grilled Vicky for information about her ability to squirt. She said it didn’t happen all the time; it seemed to happen when she was really excited and worked up. She confessed her last boyfriend thought squirting was disgusting and contributed to their break up. She said he didn’t like her body and told her to lose weight. He must have been a complete fool. We laid on her bed and caressed each other and I assured her most men would love that she squirted and… Read more

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Kim Kardashian likes discipline


"Another late night?" Kourtney asked her sister. Kim had just come home from a club obviously drunk once again. Kim was dressed like a slut. The short skirt was barely covering Kimberly's big ass. Her shirt was open and showing off a lot of cleavage. 'What a Slut!' Kourtney thought. 'Would Kim never learn?' "Hey, Khloe!" 'What now?' Khloe thought. "I need help with Kim, she's drunk. Help me get her upstairs." "Okay Kourtney, I'll be right there." "Hey Kim, what have you been up to tonight?" Khloe asked her older sister. Kim just smiled at Khloe. "Hi Khloe, not much." "Are you drunk again… Read more

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The Camp Out PT 7

AnalGroup SexHumor

The Camp Out PT 7 I approach Dustin's tent, and give a rap on the block of wood near the entry. I forgot to mention earlier that all the tents had some type of makeshift 'doorbell' since you couldn't actually knock on a tent, lol. “Who is it”? A voice answers. “It's Matt” “Ahh kewl dawg—come on in”. As I unzip the flap and step in, then turning to zip it back up, turning back around, Andre's shinny black ass is almost in my face. Sweat is pouring from his face, down his back and ass, even the back sides of his thighs. And he is all up in Johnny's ass ! “Damm” I think—again ?. “Fuck, homi… Read more

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Why I could not fight the first time ...

AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

A good number of fellow readers have asked why I did not fight back when I was sexually assaulted by my three high school tormentors. The truth is I did fight back, let me try and take you thru the events of the assault not what lead up to it but the moments just before it happened. ' ... Charlie began to laugh at Bruce calling him Mr. Peabody, cause he was looking through National Geographic Mags. Charlie said ' ... I've got some playboy books up here ... ' and he reached up over the door by where I was seated. As he moved stuff around things begin to fall and I picked them up off the floor… Read more

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The New Neighbor: part 2

First TimeFetishGroup Sex

Several weeks went by and Tim and Raylene had not seen Ashley since that magical evening. They hoped that she didn't get in trouble. They'd hate for anything to happen that would prevent any chance of them having another opportunity to hang out with their friend. A few days later the couple was outside doing yard work when they saw Ashley and Max walking by. Ashley saw them outside and came walking over. "Hey guy, what's up?" the teen said. "Oh my God, it's Ashley! How have you been? We've missed you. We were worried you got in trouble." Raylene responded. "Trouble? Noo. No one knew l was go… Read more

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Taking Control

Lesbian SexHardcore

Sitting in the dark I watched my Leanne and Adrianna making out in the kitchen. Adrianna is our neighbour a tall blonde with big tits and long legs. She lives next door ,with her 20 year old daughter Zoey, divorced two years ago, dresses in revealing tops and short skirts and high heels. Leanne is 26 and I are 20, got married after graduation, and moved here a month ago. Leanne is bi sexual and has a mommy fetish. She likes seducing mature sexy feminine women who are sexually frustrated. Adrianna had come over for dinner to keep Leanne company as I was at work. Actually I was in the reception… Read more

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Stacey's Awekening - part 3

AnalLesbian Sex

To follow the story please pick up on the previous parts of the series. https://xhamster.com/stories/staceys-awakening-part-1-10051251 https://xhamster.com/stories/staceys-awakening-part-2-10052324 Our heroin descends deeper and deeper in a web of lies, lust and filth,..... Chapter 5 : Tiffany Stacey lay on her bed, her mind blowing orgasm was still glowing throughout her entire body. As her breathing slowly came to a more normal rhythm, she tried to go over the last 24 hours. And realized that ever since she arrived in Austin her life has been a roller coaster of emotions.… Read more

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Memorable Dicks I have Sucked

Gay MaleInterracial Sex

Part 1. Old homeless guy in Long Beach restroom I was sitting on a disgusting toilet in an underground restroom under a closed and deserted movie theater. I was 23. I had never been here before but when I saw the Men’s Room sign all weathered and faded, and the door open, I was hooked. Quiet and dark. Just the way I liked it. I sat there with my semi hard dick dangling between my legs when a tiny little homeless guy walked slowly in. He was bald and skinny and pasty white, and I locked eyes with him immediately. I wanted his dick. This restroom had one toilet stall and one urinal. The ur… Read more

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My husband and colleagues. Episode 1

FetishFirst TimeMature

My husband called me and told me that they would have a meeting at home with his colleagues, and prepare a snack. He also warned not to neglect to dress carefully. I took my bath. I wore my sexy black sheer bra and panties. I put my suspenders and shiny black stockings on my legs and pulled them from my ankles to my calf with both hands to straighten them. I wore my black mini skirt and cream satin shirt. I buttoned the buttons to give a cleavage. I put my dore stilettos on my sexy feet. After spraying on my irritating perfume, I waited for my husband and friends to come. The door knocked. I… Read more

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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 83

Lesbian SexGroup SexBDSM

It wasn’t easy for Olivia to make Mimi come; she was at an awkward angle, didn’t have the use of her hands, and couldn’t see a thing – not to mention that she kept getting distracted by Sylvia tanning her ass and thighs with the riding crop. But she eventually did it, and was rewarded with a very satisfying series of shuddering moans, along with fingernail marks on her shoulder that would remain visible for more than a week. Mimi took a minute to rest and pour herself a new glass of Champagne, but she was far from finished with the two cheerleaders. She pulled Olivia down off the sofa and ont… Read more

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